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DIY Tin & Sweetie Jar


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So this post is a tutorial to make Upcycled gifts

For those who have friends that have just moved into a new house, or perhaps rearranging their décor, this may be a great idea to give as a housewarming gift.

What you will need:

  • Cleaned Tin can
  • Cleaned Coffee Jar with lid
  • Printed paper with design or tissue paper with design
  • Chalkboard sticker
  • Chalk
  • Modge Podge
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Sponge or sponge paint brush
  • Masking tape

Making an upcycled utensils holder using a tin can


Upcycled tin


Baked Beans never looked this good! I used a Rhodes Baked Beans tin as this has a pull open top, which leaves a smooth finish to the rim when removed.

Step 1: Rub sandpaper over the inner of the rim to remove any sharp points.

Step 2: Sponge paint the acrylic paint the inside of the tin (be sure to get in between the grooves). Leave to dry.

Step 3: Once dry, paint a second coat and leave to dry.

Step 4: Dab Modge Podge over this to seal. (Be careful as the paint may start to lift. Be gentle)

Step 5: Measure the paper against the tin and cut to fit. Then paint Modge Podge around the outside of the tin and carefully place the paper on the tin. Press down to help it adhere. (The Modge Podge acts like glue). Then paint Modge Podge over the paper in one direction. Leave to dry. Once dry, paint Modge Podge in the other direction. Leave to dry. Repeat x2.

It is optional to lightly sandpaper in between each coat, if you prefer a smooth finish.

Glass Sweetie Jar:

Step 1: Position masking tape around the container so that the bottom is separated from the top. Paint using acrylic paint. Leave to dry. Paint a second coat. Once dry, sponge Modge Podge over to seal. Once dry, remove masking tape.

Step 2: Place the chalkboard sticker on the jar.

Step 3: Remove the lid and measure the lid against the paper, taking into consideration that the sides need to be covered as well and then cut. Paint the outside with Modge Podge. Stick down the paper and for the sides, fold the paper as you would if you were wrapping a gift. Once dry, paint over with Modge Podge in one direction. Leave to dry. (Optional to lightly sand). Then repeat with the Modge Podge in the other direction. Repeat x2.

Step 4- Using chalk, write a message on the jar.

These items are so easily upcycled and can make a great inexpensive décor addition to a home, especially if the theme or colour is carried through.

I finished mine off with a little note and tied some other household items together.


Finished products


P.s: The woven basket was bought from a flea market. (I will be posting an article on my flea market finds soon).

Happy creating!











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DIY Tutorial: Upcycled table centrepiece

My hubby recently turned the big three-O and I could not wait to host a party – just so I could get creative with the party decor. 

As an avid car lover, I wanted to do make DIY table centrepieces that incorporated cars, but found that this was going to be too costly, so I opted to design a car logo to fit the theme instead. 

Because we both love the colour gold, I decided to create a black, white and gold themed party.

I am the type of person who despises throwing away goods that can be upcycled, so I opted to re-use some of the empty bottles and cardboard milk boxes that I had stashed in a cupboard for when I needed it. 

What you need: 

Glass bottles – (I used 6  – 1 per table)

Glue (I used white all-purpose glue)

Old sponge 

Corrugated Cardboard that is quite firm (I used the cardboard from a long life milk box)

Acrylic craft paint (in your chosen colour)

Acrylic craft paint in black

Double-sided tape

Black and white striped wrapping paper (I bought mine at GAME @ R20,00 for 3 rolls)


DIY Gold painted bottles
DIY Gold painted bottles

Using an old sponge, I sponged paint onto 6x 750ml beer bottles and left them to dry. I then sponge painted a second coat once they were dry. 

I then traced a ‘3’ and an ‘0’ on the cardboard and cut them out. I painted the one side with black paint and left to dry. 

I then laid out the striped wrapping paper, rubbed white all-purpose glue onto the other side and stuck it down onto the white side of the wrapping paper, so when cut out, it would be a striped letter.  

Striped wrapping paper and numbers
Striped wrapping paper and numbers

Once the letters were dry, I cut them out and had 6x 3’s and 6x 0’s. I then used double-sided tape to stick them to the front of the bottle. Then, I had printed out 6x car logo’s I had designed and stuck them on the other side of the bottle. I then filled 6x balloons with helium and tied ribbon to the balloon which was then tied to the bottle neck.

This was the end product.


30th Centrepiece idea

Ciao – till next time



Bring the outdoors into your home this 2017

Inspired Design Palette for 2017

Inspired Design Palette for 2017

What I love most about the start of a new year or perhaps a new month is the urge to want to change things up in my home.

I recently received some advice from an Interior Designer on what to look out for when it comes to home decorating this year.

According to Francois Steyn of Inspired Design in Umhlanga, the key element for the season is to be aware of your space. His tips include going organic with a mix of natural timber, resins, steel and the colour green.

“More than ever eco-friendly is top of mind for all decorators and we are bringing this into our client’s homes,” Steyn says.

Apart from just green as a colour to pick; teals, greens, gold’s and yellows are also still very much on trend for design and are lucky colours this year. He assured that they are likely to be around for a few more months and advises to stay away from the unlucky colour – red!

Light is also an important aspect in your home. Start by looking at changing your lighting and perhaps bring in a mirror to the room to reflect light from the outdoors. This can be a very important addition that is somewhat overlooked. Raw copper light bulb lamps are quite “in” at the moment as well, and create an unfinished, raw feel, adding to the natural look and feel of the room. I want one!

Light bulb lamp
Light bulb copper side lamp

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Give the gift of an advent calendar with a difference at Christmas Time!

adult advent calendar
Ikea Image of advent calendar

‘Tis the season for work parties, secret Santa and the much anticipated gift swap.

Why not step out of the crowd this year by giving a gift that is sure to impress with its uniqueness.

Most Christmas work parties occur before Christmas Day, so what better way to select a gift for a friend, work colleague or boss, by creating a physical advent calendar that is sure to make the countdown to Christmas that more exciting – especially since getting older tends to make Christmas seem less magical than it was in our childhood days.

Bring back the fun this Christmas and wrap up gifts according to the number of days left until Christmas Day.

There are so many ideas, but some unique ideas include the gift of table décor for the Christmas table, or perhaps, a personalised makeover kit split up into many smaller gifts representing the number of days left till Christmas.

For a female, here are some ideas of items to be wrapped up: Table cloth, Place mats, pack of cutlery, napkins, plates, candles, wine and even Christmas crackers.

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Viva Africa! DIY African Continent Wall Art

Like most mom’s, we really don’t have the time to be spending hours working on something to enhance our home.

But… it is so healthy to have some kind of hobby to ‘free’ your mind, to distress you and to have something to show for your time.

I don’t know about you, but I looovvveee DIY! It is my favourite past time.

On one of the nights this week, I took 15 minutes to get a project started, which I have been waiting to achieve for a few months now. I then completed it the second night, which took me a total of 30 minutes over both days.

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Minion themed 1st birthday


So as it goes, I love planning parties and can’t wait for the chance to come up with clever ideas for a specific theme.

When it came time, I thought that it only seemed fitting to throw such a party for my sons 1st birthday and what better theme than “Minions”.

As soon as I had the idea, I thought of a fun space to host the kids (and parents)…a place where the kids could run free, where they could have a jumping castle and a place with shelter, just in case it rained. November in Durban seems to have very uncertain weather patterns and in the 2 years preceding my sons birthday, we had rain.

Luckily for me, the weather was perfect and we had a great time and everyone raved about the theme, which is the reason why I am writing this post.

Back to the theme.

First and foremost, I chose the location. A sports field, which I booked. It had a field as well as a bar and sitting area under shelter at the sports club adjoining the field.

Then, I organised a jumping castle to be put up and booked that in advance.

When it came to the food, I gained my inspiration from the Despicable me movie.

Minion Cake
Minion Cake

Some healthy snacks….Bananas, Bubblegum flavoured Otees breakfast cereal as “Minion Munch” as well as fish fingers as “Minion fishfinger surfboards”. For the adult food, we ordered biryani which was more cost-effective than hosting a braai and it fed an army. LOL. Oh yes! I also had an ice-cream and yoghurt bar with toppings, which went down very well.

Banana minion faces

minion themes food ideas

minion food ideas, minion plates, minion cups
minion themes food ideas

I also decorated accordingly – everything Minion related stuck on to yellow and blue paper plates, yellow papers cups and we also had serviettes to match.

I also dressed my little one to the theme…my little Minion!

DIY minion outfit for kids

 Whallah! Now go on and try these ideas for your next birthday party.

‘Til next time!