Lipstick tips & tricks to try

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I have to admit. I don’t wear lipstick every day, (sometimes it is lipgloss or lip balm), but when I do, I tend to enjoy reds and plums as I feel that these kinds of colours really suit my skin, which is quite pale (especially in winter).


I also find that I have a constant need to care for my lips. I mean, they are an important part of the face in my opinion.

My tip for creating smooth lips is to exfoliate. I do this on mornings when my lips feel slightly neglected or if I am wearing a bold shade of lipstick that day (so the colour does not sit in any cracks). The technique I use is quick and simple. Dip a toothbrush in petroleum jelly (a.k.a Vaseline) or a scented lip balm and rub over your lips and then wipe off with tissue. As gross as this sounds, it does work. But, perhaps you prefer another method? Well, then you could try a DIY sugar scrub. How: Mix a tablespoon of sugar (preferably brown as it is more abrasive) with some olive oil or a bit of honey, so that it clumps together and rub this goo all over your lips and then wipe clean. Wallah!

For those that have a preference for lipsticks that last all day, like me, you will love this.

Apply your lipstick and place a thin piece of tissue over and hold in place with your index finger and thumb of either side of your lips. Then dust some translucent powder over using a powder brush. The bits of powder that do come through, will set your lipstick. (P.s: If you don’t have translucent powder, you can also try baby powder or cornstarch. I have tried these and they worked for me and may work for you too). My favourite part about long-lasting lip colour is the fact that it doesn’t rub off onto clothing. Thumbs up!

Now for those of you who do not have a specific colour of lipstick, and need that colour to complete your look, you can actually make your own by using an ear bud to mix vaseline or clear lip balm and your specific colour eyeshadow. I received this bit of advice from a sales consultant when I purchased a mineral eyeshadow from them and it does work.

Last but not least, I am sure you have heard this before, but if you want a more vibrant and true colour, apply concealer to your lips before applying your lipstick. This will help the colour stand out. 

I thought I would also share this fun little game I played on the weekend, courtesy of one of my favourite magazines, Good Housekeeping, to determine what lipstick colour will suit you right now! Take the Quiz

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Ciao for now!


Tips from a professional: Your Child’s First Haircut

I can commiserate with parents who dread taking their little human to the hair dresser, as it is all so overwhelming. All those scissors, shears, funny looking objects, mirrors. It is all so frightening for our little ones!

However in saying that, haircuts are inevitable and it is best to get the first haircut done by a professional.

I recently had to take my small-e to get his first haircut and thought it was going to be full of drama and snot en trane (snot & tears) and screaming, but this did not happen, well not for a long time anyway *giggles*

So off we took our boy to our family barber, a salon called Mr President. My nephew has been going to this salon since he was a few months old, as it is his granny’s salon and he has become very used to sitting in the barber’s chair to get his hair cut.

When it came to my son, however, taking the initiative to sit on the chair by himself, was not an option.20170315_083512

So I decided to take some advice from OUR very own professional. Here is her advice:

  1. Don’t make a big fuss about him getting a haircut. If anything, try keep your child calm.
  2. Allow your little one to hold their favourite toy, to help them feel some sort of comfort.
  3. Have a fun, bright character apron that the child can talk about, look at and take their mind off the haircut.
  4. Sit with your child. Ask the barber to give you an apron to protect your clothing and let you child sit on your lap. Your child should feel safer this way.
  5. Follow the barber’s instructions to make the haircut go as fast and professional as possible.
  6. Play some fun music in the background to hide the sounds of the shears or scissors cutting.
  7. Keep telling your child they are brave and reassure them that you are right there and the haircut won’t hurt.
  8. If the barber does not have any sweets or treats to give at the end of the haircut, ensure you have some packed in your bag or pocket so as to reward your little one for being so good. (Or reward them in a way they are used to – such as a big hug, star or sticker or similar)
  9. If your child is kicking and screaming, it is best to remove them from the situation and take them for a walk before returning – just to give them time to gather themselves.
  10. If your little one is not complying, then just keep trying. Children need to be introduced to new things a few times before they get comfortable with it.

I hope this advice helps you. All the best!

Tips supplied by Linda from Mr President. To find out more, email me using the details provided under the contact tab.

Quick tutorials for awesome hair!

Hi Treasures,

I have recently signed up for the Good Housekeeping magazine newsletter and am absolutely hooked. This is probably the only newsletter that arrives in my mailbox, that I am actually excited about.

For those that know me, I usually wear my hair up in a bun or in a low ponytail, just because this is the simplest and quickest option in the mornings. But! I have just been inspired by watching these 15-second videos that I am sure will make my hair look awesome.. everyday!

Check these amazing hair hacks here: Quick hair hacks



Beautify your skin with the gift of nature

With Janu -worry out of the way, we can now focus our attention to February and the year ahead.

With a month down and 11 to go, I have had time to think about “resolutions” I would like to achieve throughout the year, and REALISTIC ones I know I am actually able to achieve.

One such achievable aspiration for 2017 is a skin detox  –  to make the face & body, look & feel healthy. Let’s face it, our bodies go through constant exposure to pollution, chemicals, UV rays and these can be caused by everyday living. I know we can’t live in a bubble, but we can attempt at a solution to help restore some of the lost moisture. Whether it works for you or not – it’s worth a try! And it is a start…

I recently chatted to Justin Reilander, who is the co-owner of a fun new brand called The Immortal Jellyfish, and he provided some tips on preparing and using natural products for an external beauty detox as well as the best organic ingredients that are fabulous for skin hydration (so needed for those who suffer from dehydrated or dry skin, like me).


So what is The Immortal Jellyfish?

The Immortal Jellyfish, established in early October 2016, consists of a fabulous range of organic bath, body and skincare products featuring glycerine soaps, body wash, body lotion, bath salts, sugar scrubs, Essential Oil blends, fizz balls, body butter, linen and room sprays and soon, an addition of shampoo and conditioner to their collection.

“We started the business, after discovering our passion for natural body and skincare remedies. We decided to make something that stays true to the organic name and thus started our quest for the creation of the perfect blends to match any person’s preference,” commented Reilander.

He continued, “It all started with a hobby of making bath salts as gifts for family and friends and eventually we had orders coming through from all over the place. We then went on to find various products that would suit the needs of those that prefer the natural and organic alternative in skincare”.

Cleanse & Detox it!

For the facial area, which is delicate – the best natural products to use include Tea Tree, Lavender or Sandalwood. Honey is also a great alternative to modern face washes (it is also a natural antiseptic (FYI)). Plus, these ingredients can also be used on the rest of the body as well.

The Immortal Jellyfish offer blended glycerine soaps that aid in the healing process of skin rashes, acne, sunburn and many other skin conditions. These soaps are made with Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil and their very own essential blends, plus these herbal facial products are super easy to use. The best part of these products is that they do the hard work for you. It’s as easy as lathering it on and rinsing off. Yes please!



Moisture it!

The best herbal ingredients to use on the face for hydration include Honey, Vitamin E enriched products, Lavender, Frankincense and Coconut Oil. These will not only assist in moisturising the facial area, but are soothing as well. Plus, for those needing an anti-ageing solution, try Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender (surprisingly good for any skin condition), Rooibos and Organic Raw Honey.

With a load of research having gone into these products, The Immortal Jellyfish team also ensure strict precautions are followed. They themselves use their own products and have a team of “testers” that review the products before they are sold.

“We also do our best to keep our products strictly organic and thus, all essential blends, glycerine soaps, sugar scrubs and bath salts are free from chemicals or animal products,” Reilander added.

With their love of creating all things natural, they have also provided a recipe for their favourite hydrating/ detox face mask – something that smells good enough to eat:

Mix together Mango Butter, Organic Raw Honey, Coconut Oil and mashed Avocado for hydration and 5 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil. (Pssst…the Grapefruit Oil assists as a detox by providing antioxidant benefits, and is also a natural diuretic).

Apply to your face for 20 minutes and then rinse.


Do you think supporting local is lekker? Well, order online through their Facebook page, find their products at Ansteys Beach Backpackers and Self Catering (Bluff, Durban), at Sapphire Gardens and at their stall at the Golden Hours Family Market every Sunday.

Their prices are also super affordable: check out their online store: Price List

The Immortal Jellyfish is owned by Justin Reilander and Shadryn Carlston

Fun ‘bra’llient facts about Friday the 13th

Danielle Bra
Danielle Bra

Ever had to give a speech and been told to picture your audience in their underwear to curb your anxiety? Well, apart from this advice relating to one’s under-garments, there are a number of superstitions going back a few centuries about underwear and with it being Friday the 13th, I chatted to the team at Satin Candy who had looked into some very interesting superstitions regarding underwear.

The worldwide web provides some interesting superstitions. Did you know?

 Inside Out –  For those who wear their underwear inside out – it’s actually considered to be very lucky. Also, there are those who may have been having a really unlucky day, the only way to turn it around was to wear underwear inside out!

Going Commando – In the late 1920’s, when a bride wanted to secure a happy marriage then she would need to attend the wedding without wearing any underwear. The belief was that if you didn’t wear underwear, it was believed to be a sign of wholeness and appeasement to the gods of love, who in exchange would bring joy and happiness to the couple’s love life. How’s that for “doing anything for love”. Satin Candy advises to never have to go to that extreme, but rather wear beautiful underwear from Satin Candy to provide the same results. *hehehe*

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Spa-lebrations at Granny Mouse’s House!

This week, I was afforded the opportunity to spend the day with some media from around KZN at a spa day to celebrate Granny Mouse Spa’s 10th Birthday.

Olivia Chetty (Maritzburg Sun), Jade Le Roux (Public Eye), Lauren Shapiro (Veggie Tots Mom) Hazel Whitehead (Beauty Shout Box), Carmen Barends ( and Sabrina Maingard (Fashion Nanny)…of course I was taking the photo.LOL

For those of you who don’t know where Granny Mouse is, is it situated on the Midlands Meander route (Old Main Road, Balgowan) and is truly a place of serenity with water features throughout the property that mimic the sound of the Lions River that runs alongside the property. So yes, that soothing sound of water resonates through every section of the property – which is bliss!

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa

The drive from Durban was quite relaxing actually, as I had a friend in the car to keep me company the entire way; we also found it pretty easily by following the directions published on the website – and took approximately 1 h 30 min.

On arrival at 10am, we walked into the Spa which smelled divine, with aromatic hints of lavender floating through the air and a warm ambiance created by candles, and heaters in the rooms.

We were all so excited for the spa day as many of us NEEDED the pampering, especially since there are still a few months to go until the December holiday period.

Yolandi and the team at Granny Mouse Spa, as well as Iska Bharath, Trainer & Operations Consultant for Camelot KZN, which is the managing spa for Granny Mouse Spa, truly did an exceptional job.

Granny Mouse Spa Team

On arrival, every guest is welcomed with a specialised foot bath to prepare the body for a pamper-session. They are then given slippers, tea, coffee or juice before being whisked away for the treatment they have booked for. In our case – it was a whole stack of them!

The welcome ritual foot bath

The spa treatments worked on rotation and there were 3 treatments each – CSpa basic facial, Hand and foot massage and an Indian head massage.

The products used for the treatments were as follows:

Treatment 1: CSpa Basic Facial

* CSpa Upflifting Cleansing milk

*CSpa Uplifting foaming cleanser

*CSpa Age-defying Cream Mask

*CSpa Massage Cream

*CSpa Eye Cream

CSpa contains blended essential oil components to ensure a sophisticated feel and smell and is made right here in SA!

CSpa basic facial products

Treatment 2:

Head & Scalp Massage including Neck & Shoulders  – a.k.a the Indian Head Massage – here Grape Seed Oil was used and this particular treatment was performed in order to detox. Much needed for keeping on trend with spring season cleansing.

Treatment 3:

Then onto the Hand and Foot Massage; once again grape seed oil was used.

Overall, what a delightful experience, not only to have everyone enjoy their treatments, but to spend time with like-minded people in celebration of the milestone of 10 years for Granny Mouse Spa.

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