Be YOU-nique – get #ColourfulHair because life is too short to be boring!

Whether you’re a colour junkie or prefer a hidden pop of #colourfulhair , colour is one of the latest hair trends.  See for more.

When it comes to colouring your hair this holiday season – why not go all-out and embrace the hot trend of #colourfulhair, but be warned, this is no DIY, seek the advice of a professional hair-stylist who can help you achieve your desired look and not end up with poo-coloured hair…*smiles*!

So every 6 weeks I try to visit the salon to get my hair-fix and this week I popped into my favourite salon – Bespoke Hair, to seek the advice of my favourite hair stylist, Claire Swart.

Claire is a passionate, experienced hair stylist that specialises in colour and conditioning of the hair and has over 25 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry.

She started her career in 1991, where she was an apprentice with the Sloanes Company until 1993. For 12 years after completing her apprenticeship, Claire continued to gain valuable experience from the Sloanes Company.

Claire has also worked at Blow Hair Bar and has also owned her own hair salon, called The Salon.

Claire is well equipped with the knowledge of Wella and L’Oreal products, amongst others and keeps up with the latest trends by attending various workshops and training.

In 2015, Claire was approached by Donald Olive (Owner of Bespoke Hair) to join him as a member of his team, where she is currently based.

“As a Hair Stylist, good colour and condition of the hair is what I am passionate about. I also have extensive experience in hair styling for top-end fashion shows, mode photographic shoots as well as wedding styling,” says Claire.

For me, Claire is my go-to person when it comes to colour. I love the trend of grey-hair and wanted to go a slightly deeper grey colour than that of my previous shade. Whilst describing what I was looking to achieve, she recommended that I try out one of the new vivid colours that L’Oreal Professional recently launched. Being slightly adventurous, I opted to get a pop of colour instead of an entire head (I am not that brave yet) – and because I was already going grey, blue was the complimentary shade to try. So now, I am embracing a pop of #mermaidhair – a gorgeous ocean-inspired colour.

Because I don’t always have much time to spend in the bathroom (like most moms), I can be quite lazy with the treatment of my hair, so Claire always gives me advice on how to keep my “mane”, “tame”. See her tips here:

  1. When you shampoo – shampoo twice! This helps remove oils etc and also gives the hair body
  2. Towel dry hair before conditioning. This is logical. If the hair is too wet, the product will just be diluted and run off, but if the hair is slightly dry it will be able to effectively absorb the product. Also, try to avoid the roots and scalp when applying conditioner.
  3. Drying the hair – firstly with a towel – use the towel to squeeze the water out of the hair instead of vigorously drying the hair. When this happens, the hair’s cuticle cells lift and it causes frizziness and dull-looking hair– and no one wants that!
  4. When colouring – do not expect a colour to come out exactly as planned. Remember, every hair type is different and takes differently to products, just as not every person is the same.
  5. When it comes to vivid colour, if your hair is dark, it is likely to take more than one sitting to reach your desired colour, however lighter hair is likely to take much quicker. But this is all dependent on your type of hair.
  6. Keeping vivid hair, well, vivid! Use products that help prolong the life of your colour.
  7. When brushing your hair: If wet, use a detangling comb to brush through. Hair is weaker when wet, so do not brush it, it is likely to cause breakage.
  8. Try to avoid going to bed with wet hair. Once again, wet hair is weaker, but in addition to this, wet hair may cause dandruff to build up. Microorganisms tend to thrive in environments that are warm and damp – so it could lead to dandruff on the scalp.

Book your next appointment with Hair By Claire at Bespoke Hair Durban via their Facebook page or by contacting the salon on 031 303 5242.

Follow them on Instagram to see the work that is produced @bespoke_hair_


Starbucks Gateway is officially here!


Clive Liversage (Managing Executive for Starbucks SA) with Fawzia Peer (eThekwini Deputy Mayor) and Travis Scott (Store Manager) cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the Starbucks store at Gateway Theatre of Shopping, as the “partners” and the public look on.

The second Starbucks store in Durban recently opened its doors (December 5th) at Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

Starbucks Gateway, which boasts 436 sq/m, was inspired by the rolling green hills and sugar plantations in the uMhlanga area. It highlights the similarities between this and coffee plantations around the world. The artwork is unique and tells a story and the scenes that are used as wallpaper, depict lush agricultural scenes complete with banana palms while a statement artwork on a concrete wall includes a cut out world map and elements of the history of coffee.

Taking the coffee experience to another level, the store also extends to an upper level, allowing for customers to feel “at home” and embrace the mission of Starbucks South Africa – ”To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.”

The opening saw the Durban Gospel Choir fill the Mall with their singing before the cutting of the ribbon at 9am, after which Bollywood Dance Troupe added a festive vibe to the entertainment for guests waiting to be served, which included Isabel (11) and Rachel Muller (13) from Cape Town who were first in line.

Seen at the official opening to the public were:

Clive Liversage with Isabel and Rachel Muller – the first customers in line to get their Starbucks
Sharon and Rachel Wilkinson, Shanis Haripersadh and Austin Naicker
Jess van Huyssteen, Tyde and Jordan Janse Van Rensburg, Nokwanda Mthembu and Ricky van Huyssteen
Unathi Matutu, Andiswa Dladla and Shanaaz Meth
Joelle Ganess, Talia Sardha and Kresan Moodley


VIP treatment as Starbucks launches its first store in KZN!

Logo courtesy of
Hostesses: Thobile Zibani, Kadija Makhanya, Gugulethu Khuzwayo & Noluthando Nzaca

Last night (Tuesday, November 21st, 2017), the famous American coffee company, Starbucks, opened its doors for a special VIP evening that saw hundreds of media and invited guests celebrating the first store to open in KZN and the third one in the country.

Located at 266 Florida Road, the new Starbucks store exudes Zulu influences with modern,  wooden decor accents, and patterns that seem to tell a story. Very importantly, the store also exudes a relaxed vibe, friendly staff and of course, delicious coffee,  which is sure going to appeal to a wide customer base.

If you were wondering when you are able to step foot into this awesome new “Instagram-worthy” space – the official opening to the public is this Saturday, November 25th – so, save the date! Doors open at 9am

There will also be a store opening in Gateway Theatre of Shopping early in December, just in time for the festive season!

On the night, when we arrived, media were invited to learn more about the coffee from the Barista of the evening, Ishan. He explained that the Florida Road store is one of only five in Africa that stocks reserve coffee in Africa, which means that this store has been chosen to serve premium coffee for avid coffee connoisseurs, over and above the standard menu! Fancy. The coffee reserve brands are that of Vietnam Da Lat, the aged Sumatra and Ethiopia Bitta Farm and we were given a sampling of food items which were infused with coffee and made especially for pairing with each coffee blend. 


Apart from the amazing menu with both food and beverage options, customers also get an overall shopping experience with a variety of items for sale.


Here is a sneak peek of what you can look forward to: 

Cheers to a happy Starbucks experience and many memorable “sharing” moments

Calling all Durbanites to take part in Starbucks sandcastle challenge this Saturday – November 18!

Durban’s Golden Mile is known for its sand castle sculptures – fun and funky creations by urban artists that not only show off the city’s landmarks and icons but even provide the odd sarcastic dig at the “hoi polloi” and happenings that are in the news.

Now, in preparation for the arrival of Starbucks in the city, the very newsmakers themselves will be squaring up for a sand castle building contest like no other together with anyone who is interested in spending time on the beach and joining in on the challenge.

Hosted by Starbucks and Durban Tourism on Saturday, November 18, this event will see the general public, together with well-known local print and online media as well as radio personalities swap their laptops and microphones for buckets and spades as they go up against each other and the Starbucks teams, representing the Florida Road store (opening on Saturday, November 25) and Gateway store opening early December), to burrow, mould and shape their way to a win – with fabulous Starbucks prizes up for grabs!

One journo who was found getting some tips from the professionals and honing her skills near the surf explained: “Rest assured, sand will fly before the day is over. We’re very competitive and each team will be determined to build the ultimate sandcastle. The only problem is that the last time I did this, I was about five!”

The sand castle clash starts at 8am and ends at 11am. Be sure to make your way to North Beach on the Golden Mile (opposite the skateboard park) to cheer on the participants and join in on some classic Durban fun in the sun.

For those interested in participating, register with  or come on the day to enjoy a fun-filled morning spending time with family and friends building sandcastles.


November & December #InspirationForTheNation


Oh, my goodness! It’s already November, and only 7 more weeks to go until 2018…eeek!


As we go into the festive season, it should be a time where we embrace not only our own friends and family but adopt a spirit of giving and embrace those that do not have, as well.

There are a number of campaigns on the go that focus on giving to the underprivileged. If you have not yet got involved, why not pay it forward this year and give a gift to someone who would otherwise not celebrate Christmas. This is my combined November & December #InspirationForTheNation.

Here are some ideas:

Santa Shoebox Project:

The Santa Shoebox Project collects and distributes gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children throughout South Africa and Namibia.

There are many ways of getting involved. You can pledge a box, volunteer your time, become a sponsor or make a financial donation. Some of the deadlines for the collection of boxes may have passed fro your area, but visit their website to find out more.

If this is your first time, Suzelle DIY shows you how to pack a Santa Shoebox

East Coast Radio Toy Story:

East Coast Radio’s Toy Story with Game, now in its 17th year, will again provide joy through toys to thousands of children in government hospitals, children’s home and crèches across KwaZulu-Natal.

Find collection boxes at your nearest KZN Game store where you can donate a new toy.  These donated toys are then distributed at paediatric wards in state-owned facilities across the province. To get involved visit their website.

Feeding schemes:

Local churches around the country will be hosting feeding schemes. Why not visit your local church and see if you can get involved.

Spreading the Joy of Christmas:

Christmas is a time of celebration with family, but some of us do not have a family to celebrate with or do not have the funds to celebrate. Homes that care for the elderly are always requesting help from the community. Your kindness makes all the difference to someone who’s old, lonely and struggling to make ends meet on a small pension.

If you cannot physically spend the time, then why not make an online donation to help towards a Christmas Party for the elderly. Donate here

A simple invitation:

If you are having a big lunch with family, why not invite someone who does not have anyone to celebrate with and maybe get them a gift to feel appreciated.

Helping out:

Another idea is not for Christmas, but for the New Year. Park Boulevard Centre in Durban North is hosting a Back to School” stationery collection drive! For many school children living in impoverished areas, child-headed homes, or orphanages, a coloured pencil, crayon, Koki, exam pad or pencil case, is not something they always have access to, and some have never even owned one. Park Boulevard Centre is once again appealing to the community to dig into their children’s old stationery piles, or add on some extra pens and books onto the stationery list for next year, to help out those children who cannot help themselves, and who need these tools to be educated. The stationery can be donated at the collection boxes situated at selected Park Boulevard Centre stores from now until the end of November.

Whatever you decide to do, think with your heart this Christmas and spread a little joy.


Set your hair on “trend” this summer!


Hair _2017
A version of Besmokey Freelights with a melted effect, at Bespoke Hair Salon


With winter out of the way and the summer months slowly pushing through, it may be time to spruce up the old and bring in the new.

Start summer off with a little pamper time with a session at the salon. Hair trends are all the craze and should be considered when either wanting to try something new or adding dimension to your dull winter hair.

Bespoke Hair Salon in Durban finds it a key requirement for them to stay on trend. Donald Olive (owner) shares his advice on some of the new trends to follow now that summer is upon us.

“My stylists are constantly following hair trends and have also experimented with a few of their own techniques and colours for the summer season. This season, think blonde, blonde, and more blonde – both cool and warm tones! Blonde has a knack of never going out of style, but it is the shades of blonde that can vary in terms of trend. The trends featuring blonde include nude hair, balayage and babylights, silver blonde/grey, snowlights, mulit-dimensional platinum blonde as well as a technique called colour melting,” he says.

Get naked!

For those wanting to try a different colour trend, nude hair may be the way to go. This colour is a neutral colour that lies in between a warm and cool tone.





Trending of recent is a combination of the two popular techniques, that of applying Balayage and Babylights. This technique helps breathe life into dull hair, especially if the person does not want anything over the top.

Shades of grey

If you are slightly more adventurous, then this could be your perfect match. Silver Blonde has topped the charts of popularity, with silver/grey being added to both brown hair and more popularly, blonde hair. The Silver Blonde can be done in one full colour or in a balayage style.


Brrr, its cold in here!

Picture credit: Image of the Snowlights trend sourced from

Snowlights are exactly what they sound like – a crisp white colour, added in a snowflake shape on the crown of the head. This technique is popular with those who are already blonde, as it gives off a somewhat ombre’ effect, however it can also be applied to other shades as well.

Techniques on trend:

Colour melting – Melting is a technique that blends the highlights with the base colour of the hair so you don’t have any distinct lines and looks more natural.

Freelights – Similar to that of balayage, free lights are applied to the hair strands in a “free” motion in random places on the hair.

Now, I am one of those people who are loyal when I find a great hair stylist and Claire Swart from Bespoke Hair is my go-to person. I love how creative and honest she is and how she works her magic on my hair!

Claire 2.jpg
Claire Swart

Claire Swart is a passionate, experienced hair stylist that specialises in colour and conditioning of the hair. Known as Swarty Pants, Claire has over 25 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry, having started her career in 1991. “As a Hair Stylist, good colour and condition of hair is what I am passionate about. I also have extensive experience in hair styling for top end fashion shows, photographic shoots as well as wedding styling,” she says.

When chatting to her about the hair trends for summer, she told me that a hair trend should suit the person who is receiving it. One cannot simply just ask for a trend and expect it to work for them.

For my look, Claire piggy-backed on the Shades of grey trend.What I went for was a playoff on the silver blonde look. I call it “Besmokey freelights” which incorporates a grey, silvery hue to slightly darkened blonde hair. It is following the trend, yet with my own twist.  I blocked the root colour with L’Oreal cool covers 7.1, 20 volume (deep smokey grey). For the mid length and ends I used Inoa in a combination of four colours – 8.1, 8.21, 9.2, 9.12 to give a light silver, purple-grey tone. When I applied the colour, I infused the two, so there was no definite line separating the two colours; a process called melting, which is also on trend,” she explained.

For those wanting to try a hair trend this summer, here are some important tips provided by Claire: 

  1. Book with a hair stylist that specialises in colour.
  2. Take a photo with you so the stylist can see just what look you are after.
  3. It is important to note, however, that every person has a different hair texture and takes to colours differently. If two people come in for the same colour, it will not necessarily turn out the same for both people. Bear that in mind when your hair colour is complete.
  4. If you are going for a colour such as grey – the colour only lasts 2 to 3 weeks and it is important to maintain the colour by using hair appropriate products to extend the life of the colour. Ensure to talk to your stylist about hair maintenance.

Visit the Bespoke Hair Facebook page for more styles and info.



DURBAN WEEKEND DIARY: 27-29 October 2017

With a payday weekend upon us, here are just some of the events happening over the weekend in Durban and surrounding areas that you may want to enjoy!


Tasmin Hewitt & Shaina Krummik (1)
Image courtesy of Granada Square


Date: Friday, 27 October 2017

What: October Beer Fest at Granada Square

Where: Umhlanga: Granada Square

 Time: From 4pm till 11pm

Price: R125 per person includes 2x beverage tokens and a free beer glass. Tickets are now available through Zapper and Webtickets

Full event information: Expect chilled vibes, and some of SA’s favourite beers including Stella Artois, Castle Light, Hansa, Pilsner Urquell, Redd’s, Flying fish and Grolsch. Plus, challenge your mates at some intense beer pong with bragging rights up for grabs. All this, at the inaugural October Beer Festival, set to rock you this Friday, October 27th at Granada Square in Umhlanga from 4pm till 11pm with entertainment by Durban DJ, DJ Spike. Granada Square is also known for its restaurants, including Angelos, Europa, Little Havana, Pintxada and Ferrucci, so you can also grab a bite to eat whilst on your rounds at this first-time festival dedicated to all things beer, to hit the Chartwell Drive strip! Indulge in the delicious food offering, including ½ Eisbein and sauerkraut (2 tokens), ½ footlong Brockwurst with relish and onions (1 token or 2 tokens (full meal), Pulled chicken on sourdough (1 token), Apple strudel (1 token), German Lasagne (2 tokens), German gnocchi with chorizo (2 tokens). Plus, there will also be restaurant specials at little Havana, Pintxada and Angelos including Smoked turkey Drummies (2 tokens), as well as single drinks with a mixer (1 token each) or a double for 2 tokens. For those needing more tokens, they can be bought at R25 each, on the night. Strictly no Under 18’s and for the non-beer drinkers, cocktails (400ml for 2 tokens) and non-alcoholic beverages (1 token each) will be available. Drink responsibly!

Hashtag: #GranadaBeerFest



Naazneem Khan, Jarred Viljoen & Hlengiwe Soni..
Naazneem Khan, Jarred Viljoen & Hlengiwe Soni


Date: Friday, 27 October 2017

What: Cargo Holds relaunches Carnival Style

Where: Cargo Hold, uShaka Marine World

Time: 6:30pm

Price: R350 per person which includes a night filled with fabulous food, canape style, as well as entertainment by the KZN Philharmonic Quartet.

Full event information: On Friday, October 27th, the all-new, refurbished Cargo Hold Restaurant at uShaka Marine World will now embark on an exciting culinary voyage! To celebrate this vintage chic refurb, Cargo Hold will be hosting a special Carnival Masked Ball event at an official launch on Friday, 27th October at 6:30pm, so don’t delay as tickets are limited; book now to be part of the celebration – Carnival Style. For only R350, come decked out in your formal attire, with mask in hand, for a night filled with fabulous food, canape style, as well as entertainment by the KZN Philharmonic Quartet. On the night, Executive Chef Warren Frantz and his team of chefs will be presenting items from the new gastronomical a la carte menu in the form of hot and cold snacks and will also feature decadent desserts, as well as complimentary cocktails, award-winning wines and champagne, local craft ciders and whiskeys.  If you wish to enquire or book for this special night, please call 031 328 8065.



main poster

Date: Saturday, 28 October 2017 until Sunday, 29 October 2017

What: Pecanwood Oktoberfest powered by Blythedale Coastal Estate

Where: KZN Midlands: Pecanwood Farm, Merrivale
Time: Registration for MTB race and Trail run events kick off at 6am. Festival gates open at 10am.

Cost: R200 per person. Tickets are available through webtickets

Full event information:  South Africa’s most versatile sport and lifestyle festival featuring 20km and 40km MTB races, 7km and 14km trail runs, 4×4 technical challenge, Enduro  X, 5-a-side soccer and more with top local SA acts hitting the stage throughout the day accompanied by artisanal food stalls, coffee tasting, wine tasting, a G&T garden, beer tent and so much more. Camping is available, so bring along your tent and sleeping bag. Other accommodation options are available. Plus every ticket purchased is an entry into the competition where 1 lucky person will win a life changing R650 000 Blythedale Coastal Estate property they can call their own! Tickets must be purchased by today (25 October 2017) to qualify for the competition. No U18s. For more information visit Online sport entries

Hashtag: #ChooseYourAdventure




Image: uShaka Marine World


Date: Saturday, 28 October 2017 and Sunday, 29 October 2017  

Where: uShaka Marine World in Durban

What: Halloween at uShaka Marine World

Time:  4:30pm- Trick or Treat through Village Walk and scary aquarium tour

            5:30pm – Halloween Dolphin Show

Price: R143 per person. Book through online ticketing or at uShaka Marine World ticketing office.

Full event information: uShaka Marine World is going all out to spook and thrill you this Halloween with a daring dolphin show, plenty of trick or treating and an opportunity to show off your most spooktacular Halloween costume ever!On Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th, families can join us for a real treat which includes a brand new Halloween interactive dolphin show starring Peter Court as the Mad Professor and Nicole Theuniessen as his assistant, Igor and the scary Plastic Man. This highly entertaining, interactive and fun-filled production, which also features the dolphin boys and girls and uShaka’s Ocean Warriors, comes with a strong conservation message and plenty of laughter.

Everyone, both small and tall are invited to join us at 4.30pm for some trick or treating just before the show, and with over 3400 sweets, everyone is sure to get a bag full of sugary treats.