South African wedding guest outfit ideas when the degrees drop

So an email about the weather arrived in my email inbox this week stating that there may be cold, wet weather on the weekend. I sigh, as it is a close friend’s wedding and I would have loved for the weather to be gorgeous and sunny –  which we have experienced for the most part of the week.

So with a potential bout of colder, wet weather fast approaching and the wedding on Saturday, I decided to get some advice from friends, family and pinterest (of course) on the best kind of outfit to wear to a winter wedding, so that I am both comfortable, warm and stylish.

I have to be realistic as I am always on a budget, so when I prepare an outfit I first look at what I have in my wardrobe. If I don’t find something in there to wear, I take to the shops. Here, I look at the price, quality, and versatility of the outfit. (Can I wear it again?)

Here are some ideas I was advised to try.


Now, I don’t have a jumpsuit at home, so if I had to shop on a budget, my first option would be to visit Mr Price, Jet or Legit (yes, these are some of my favourite shops when a bit cash strapped). 

Here is an option from Mr Price:

black jumpsuit
Black Embroidered Jumpsuit from Mr Price

Little black dress

So, I do have a long sleeved black dress in the wardrobe, which I have only worn a few times and no one I know has really seen me in it, thank goodness. I have had it for a while, but it still looks amazing, and of great quality. I purchased it from Legit. Pair it with tights/pantyhose and a pair of ankle boots or closed heels and I am sure I will be set!

Here is the kind of look I would go for (courtesy of Pinterest)

black long sleeved dress with tights
Black long sleeved dress with tights and ankle boots

Long sleeved shirt dress

If I were to purchase a dress that is versatile – one that I could use for a wedding and for work, this would be the one. I just have to try it on to see what it looks like on me. This one retails for R149,99 at Jet.

Graphic Shirt Dress from Jet

Formal maxi dress

My sister has this beautiful navy maxi dress which I have worn before. It looks really great, but it is a bit long, so I have to wear really high shoes to ensure there is no drag.

It is quite comfortable, but if I want to spend the night dancing, I wouldn’t say it is extremely ideal. Plus, it boasts shorter sleeves so it may not be as warm as I would like, BUT it is an option. If I pair it with a blazer or coat, I am sure it would work.

It looks similar to this one from Lulus

Navy Formal Maxi Dress


With only a couple of days to decide, I shall be trying out a few of these ideas to see what suits me best. I have only added in a few ideas and obviously, the list of ideas is endless and suited to one’s taste.

If you are attending a wedding soon and need outfit ideas, why not try some of these out for yourself.

Happy days




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