What Matric Dance hair should be made of in 2017!

Bespoke Hair Durban team – Claire, Grant, Donald, Sally & Lynelle

Matric Dance season is here and I thought it would be fitting to chat to a professional about the kinds of trends to rock this year! I chatted to popular Durban hair stylist, Donald Olive from Bespoke Hair, (situated on the ground floor at the Lion Match Office Park, 892 Umgeni Road in Durban), who supplied some recommendations on the hair styles that ladies should be considering this year.



Braids: pancaked braids give a beachy or boho look. Don the plait with some flowers as accents. FYI: Pancaked braids are french plaits or plain braids that are pulled out slightly to give it a flatter and fuller appearance.

Twisted floral crown:  . The hair is divided and plaited into a section on each side. This is then twisted up to the top of the head and pinned down near the hair line to form a crown. Little flowers, pearl clips or diamante are then inserted. However, options can include a floral headband.

Hair done by Grant Mack @bespoke_hair_

Pretty Braid Up-do: Updo’s are a great choice for hair that can easily fall out of a curl or for someone who wants a style that stays in place while dancing. FYI: The braided updo consists of any type of braid that is swept into a bun or tucked under or pinned.


Half up, half down curls: Gives off a beachy feel if messy and can also pass as a glamorous look if created with big curls. This style may also be bohemian if it includes a waterfall braid to separate the upper half from the lower half.


Hair done by Grant Mack @bespoke_hair_

Updo with curls: The hair is parted to the desired side and curled. It is then left to cool and then fingers are run through the hair. The curls are then either tied with a hair band and twisted, pinned, or pulled to create the desired updo. This type of hair style comes in many forms including side styles which are also created by curling the hair first and pulling low to one side and pinning.

Donald Olive has owned Bespoke Hair Spa, Beauty and Personal Care Salon for the past 6 years. The salon offers experienced and talented hair stylists who provide expert hairstyling, cutting, colouring as well as male grooming for the fashion-forward.

Bespoke Hair caters to all ages and offers a full professional service in a welcoming atmosphere.

Book your matric dance hair appointment at Bespoke Hair by calling 031 303 1074.

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