DIY Tutorial: Upcycled table centrepiece

My hubby recently turned the big three-O and I could not wait to host a party – just so I could get creative with the party decor. 

As an avid car lover, I wanted to do make DIY table centrepieces that incorporated cars, but found that this was going to be too costly, so I opted to design a car logo to fit the theme instead. 

Because we both love the colour gold, I decided to create a black, white and gold themed party.

I am the type of person who despises throwing away goods that can be upcycled, so I opted to re-use some of the empty bottles and cardboard milk boxes that I had stashed in a cupboard for when I needed it. 

What you need: 

Glass bottles – (I used 6  – 1 per table)

Glue (I used white all-purpose glue)

Old sponge 

Corrugated Cardboard that is quite firm (I used the cardboard from a long life milk box)

Acrylic craft paint (in your chosen colour)

Acrylic craft paint in black

Double-sided tape

Black and white striped wrapping paper (I bought mine at GAME @ R20,00 for 3 rolls)


DIY Gold painted bottles
DIY Gold painted bottles

Using an old sponge, I sponged paint onto 6x 750ml beer bottles and left them to dry. I then sponge painted a second coat once they were dry. 

I then traced a ‘3’ and an ‘0’ on the cardboard and cut them out. I painted the one side with black paint and left to dry. 

I then laid out the striped wrapping paper, rubbed white all-purpose glue onto the other side and stuck it down onto the white side of the wrapping paper, so when cut out, it would be a striped letter.  

Striped wrapping paper and numbers
Striped wrapping paper and numbers

Once the letters were dry, I cut them out and had 6x 3’s and 6x 0’s. I then used double-sided tape to stick them to the front of the bottle. Then, I had printed out 6x car logo’s I had designed and stuck them on the other side of the bottle. I then filled 6x balloons with helium and tied ribbon to the balloon which was then tied to the bottle neck.

This was the end product.


30th Centrepiece idea

Ciao – till next time



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