Tips from a professional: Your Child’s First Haircut

I can commiserate with parents who dread taking their little human to the hair dresser, as it is all so overwhelming. All those scissors, shears, funny looking objects, mirrors. It is all so frightening for our little ones!

However in saying that, haircuts are inevitable and it is best to get the first haircut done by a professional.

I recently had to take my small-e to get his first haircut and thought it was going to be full of drama and snot en trane (snot & tears) and screaming, but this did not happen, well not for a long time anyway *giggles*

So off we took our boy to our family barber, a salon called Mr President. My nephew has been going to this salon since he was a few months old, as it is his granny’s salon and he has become very used to sitting in the barber’s chair to get his hair cut.

When it came to my son, however, taking the initiative to sit on the chair by himself, was not an option.20170315_083512

So I decided to take some advice from OUR very own professional. Here is her advice:

  1. Don’t make a big fuss about him getting a haircut. If anything, try keep your child calm.
  2. Allow your little one to hold their favourite toy, to help them feel some sort of comfort.
  3. Have a fun, bright character apron that the child can talk about, look at and take their mind off the haircut.
  4. Sit with your child. Ask the barber to give you an apron to protect your clothing and let you child sit on your lap. Your child should feel safer this way.
  5. Follow the barber’s instructions to make the haircut go as fast and professional as possible.
  6. Play some fun music in the background to hide the sounds of the shears or scissors cutting.
  7. Keep telling your child they are brave and reassure them that you are right there and the haircut won’t hurt.
  8. If the barber does not have any sweets or treats to give at the end of the haircut, ensure you have some packed in your bag or pocket so as to reward your little one for being so good. (Or reward them in a way they are used to – such as a big hug, star or sticker or similar)
  9. If your child is kicking and screaming, it is best to remove them from the situation and take them for a walk before returning – just to give them time to gather themselves.
  10. If your little one is not complying, then just keep trying. Children need to be introduced to new things a few times before they get comfortable with it.

I hope this advice helps you. All the best!

Tips supplied by Linda from Mr President. To find out more, email me using the details provided under the contact tab.


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