March #InspirationForTheNation

Craig Dietz
Image courtesy of

My inspiration for March – that I’d like to share with you – is someone who, like hundreds of others, recently completed the aQuellé Midmar Mile in KZN, South Africa.

The only difference is that this swimmer is like no other. His name is Craig Dietz, and he is a limbless American open water swimmer.

According to Midmar Mile reports (, Dietz is immediately warm, engaging, always ready with a laugh, and accommodating towards everyone that wants to chat to him. Talk to him for a while and his limitations seem to melt away.

Dietz was invited to attend the event for 2013 after meeting aQuellé Midmar Mile organiser Wayne Riddin at the World Open Water Swimming Conference in Long Beach, California, in September 2012 and he did not only attend, he swam it as well.

Being the second time Dietz has competed in the Midmar Mile, this year, he finished the men’s race in just over half an hour, although, Dietz did not stop at swimming the mile once, he crossed the dam seven times in total. Amazing!

For those who do not know how Dietz swims, he does backstroke using a flipper fitted to his right leg stump, which drives him forward.

I personally have never participated in the Midmar Mile and have always wanted to. After reading Dietz’ story I have now decided that I want to compete in the 2018 event.

To read more about the race visit or to read more about Dietz, visit where you will find an article published by Jaco Hough-Coetzee taken from You Magazine.

And that’s your March #InspirationForTheNation


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