Capturing life’s little memories

As a mom, I feel that it is so important to have lots and lots of photos. If you’re pedantic, like me, you will also have a whole folder on your computer, or laptop and on a backup hard drive, solely dedicated to your child or children’s photos.

I have even gone as far as putting photographs into folders according to each month of development and have finally stopped at age 2. I am now only doing this on a yearly basis. *smiles*

As we know that with growing up, children get invited to many a birthday party. We too had the pleasure of eating cake and singing “Happy Birthday” at one of my little one’s friend’s parties and because we had adopted a Jack Russell puppy the week before, we decided to bring him along. (Just because he was only 8 weeks old and needed lots of love and attention).

Well, needless to say, the kids loved it and overall the party went well.

Besides the fun atmosphere, sweet treats and conversation to be had at a party, I love it when there is a designated photographer to capture the memories – especially when it is not mom or dad taking the photos. I have experienced this first hand! My sister and I recently hosted a combined birthday party for my son and nephew and I took it upon myself to snap away, so I didn’t really get to have any pics with my son and it was a little disappointing looking at them afterwards.

Nevertheless, I managed to get a really awesome photo of my son hugging his puppy at the party we attended. It is the cutest thing. It captures his little personality so well – a child with a caring and loving nature and one I will definitely have printed onto canvas.


Thanks must go to Jené Harris, the owner of D’Light Photography for her beautiful images.  Check out more of her work here:


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