Bring the outdoors into your home this 2017

Inspired Design Palette for 2017

Inspired Design Palette for 2017

What I love most about the start of a new year or perhaps a new month is the urge to want to change things up in my home.

I recently received some advice from an Interior Designer on what to look out for when it comes to home decorating this year.

According to Francois Steyn of Inspired Design in Umhlanga, the key element for the season is to be aware of your space. His tips include going organic with a mix of natural timber, resins, steel and the colour green.

“More than ever eco-friendly is top of mind for all decorators and we are bringing this into our client’s homes,” Steyn says.

Apart from just green as a colour to pick; teals, greens, gold’s and yellows are also still very much on trend for design and are lucky colours this year. He assured that they are likely to be around for a few more months and advises to stay away from the unlucky colour – red!

Light is also an important aspect in your home. Start by looking at changing your lighting and perhaps bring in a mirror to the room to reflect light from the outdoors. This can be a very important addition that is somewhat overlooked. Raw copper light bulb lamps are quite “in” at the moment as well, and create an unfinished, raw feel, adding to the natural look and feel of the room. I want one!

Light bulb lamp
Light bulb copper side lamp

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