Fun ‘bra’llient facts about Friday the 13th

Danielle Bra
Danielle Bra

Ever had to give a speech and been told to picture your audience in their underwear to curb your anxiety? Well, apart from this advice relating to one’s under-garments, there are a number of superstitions going back a few centuries about underwear and with it being Friday the 13th, I chatted to the team at Satin Candy who had looked into some very interesting superstitions regarding underwear.

The worldwide web provides some interesting superstitions. Did you know?

 Inside Out –  For those who wear their underwear inside out – it’s actually considered to be very lucky. Also, there are those who may have been having a really unlucky day, the only way to turn it around was to wear underwear inside out!

Going Commando – In the late 1920’s, when a bride wanted to secure a happy marriage then she would need to attend the wedding without wearing any underwear. The belief was that if you didn’t wear underwear, it was believed to be a sign of wholeness and appeasement to the gods of love, who in exchange would bring joy and happiness to the couple’s love life. How’s that for “doing anything for love”. Satin Candy advises to never have to go to that extreme, but rather wear beautiful underwear from Satin Candy to provide the same results. *hehehe*


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