Viva Africa! DIY African Continent Wall Art

Like most mom’s, we really don’t have the time to be spending hours working on something to enhance our home.

But… it is so healthy to have some kind of hobby to ‘free’ your mind, to distress you and to have something to show for your time.

I don’t know about you, but I looovvveee DIY! It is my favourite past time.

On one of the nights this week, I took 15 minutes to get a project started, which I have been waiting to achieve for a few months now. I then completed it the second night, which took me a total of 30 minutes over both days.

1. Lazer cut Wooden African continent (Custom-made for me). Mine was extra large, and cost me +-R300.

2. Acrylic paint. (I purchased a metallic gold colour) R33

3. A flat sponge brush (which was only R3) but a decoupage roller can also work and with allow the paint to spread evenly. The brush works well if you want a whispy effect.

4. Fine grain sandpaper

How I did it:

I had been keeping all my crafty items in a safe place and then whipped them all out to start my project.

I quickly did a fine sanding of the wooden Africa and wiped it with a clean, dry cloth.

Then I shook my bottle of gold acrylic paint, to ensure the gold dust was mixed in with the paint.

I then dipped the tip of my brush in the paint and used stroking/sweeping movements in small sections on the wood.

After I let it dry for a few minutes (touch-tested), I applied another layer to allow the paint to become brighter.

I then washed my brush with water to get all the paint out and allowed to dry on a piece of kitchen towel.I then left overnight to dry.

Gold African continent
Gold African continent

My husband then removed the plug fitting from the wall and then visited the Dulux store to buy a 1L tin of matt blue/navy paint and painted the wall for me. (You may need more than 1L depending on the size of your wall and the effect you want to achieve). I then placed the art on the wall using number plate adhesive and replaced the plug fitting. 

Here is the end result:

African continent wall art
African continent wall art


‘Till next time! Happy DIYing! 

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