Spa-lebrations at Granny Mouse’s House!

This week, I was afforded the opportunity to spend the day with some media from around KZN at a spa day to celebrate Granny Mouse Spa’s 10th Birthday.

Olivia Chetty (Maritzburg Sun), Jade Le Roux (Public Eye), Lauren Shapiro (Veggie Tots Mom) Hazel Whitehead (Beauty Shout Box), Carmen Barends ( and Sabrina Maingard (Fashion Nanny)…of course I was taking the photo.LOL

For those of you who don’t know where Granny Mouse is, is it situated on the Midlands Meander route (Old Main Road, Balgowan) and is truly a place of serenity with water features throughout the property that mimic the sound of the Lions River that runs alongside the property. So yes, that soothing sound of water resonates through every section of the property – which is bliss!

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa

The drive from Durban was quite relaxing actually, as I had a friend in the car to keep me company the entire way; we also found it pretty easily by following the directions published on the website – and took approximately 1 h 30 min.

On arrival at 10am, we walked into the Spa which smelled divine, with aromatic hints of lavender floating through the air and a warm ambiance created by candles, and heaters in the rooms.

We were all so excited for the spa day as many of us NEEDED the pampering, especially since there are still a few months to go until the December holiday period.

Yolandi and the team at Granny Mouse Spa, as well as Iska Bharath, Trainer & Operations Consultant for Camelot KZN, which is the managing spa for Granny Mouse Spa, truly did an exceptional job.

Granny Mouse Spa Team

On arrival, every guest is welcomed with a specialised foot bath to prepare the body for a pamper-session. They are then given slippers, tea, coffee or juice before being whisked away for the treatment they have booked for. In our case – it was a whole stack of them!

The welcome ritual foot bath

The spa treatments worked on rotation and there were 3 treatments each – CSpa basic facial, Hand and foot massage and an Indian head massage.

The products used for the treatments were as follows:

Treatment 1: CSpa Basic Facial

* CSpa Upflifting Cleansing milk

*CSpa Uplifting foaming cleanser

*CSpa Age-defying Cream Mask

*CSpa Massage Cream

*CSpa Eye Cream

CSpa contains blended essential oil components to ensure a sophisticated feel and smell and is made right here in SA!

CSpa basic facial products

Treatment 2:

Head & Scalp Massage including Neck & Shoulders  – a.k.a the Indian Head Massage – here Grape Seed Oil was used and this particular treatment was performed in order to detox. Much needed for keeping on trend with spring season cleansing.

Treatment 3:

Then onto the Hand and Foot Massage; once again grape seed oil was used.

Overall, what a delightful experience, not only to have everyone enjoy their treatments, but to spend time with like-minded people in celebration of the milestone of 10 years for Granny Mouse Spa.

#GMSpaDay #GrannyMouseSA #GMSpaBirthday

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