Fit and fun in the sun

If you are like me, you may find ZERO time to actually work out between working full time, taking care of your child, cooking, cleaning and being a wifey! 

At the weekend, I visited my mom’s and we had a great time sitting in the garden while we watched my son and nephew play. 

Although they were having so much fun, I felt like I needed to interact and play with them; and not just SIT there. 

So, I decided to get the boys’ into ‘athlete mode’ and run around the trees; around the garden. The kids love to recite “On your marks, Get Set, Go!” before they take off, so I played the part with them. 

Right then and there it dawned on me that I was actually exercising! Yes, actual CARDIO. 

Here’s what I tried and perhaps you may like to try it too. Listen, I am no gym instructor, but my buns and calves hurt the day after, so I must have been doing something right, right?

On your marks, Get Set, Go!

Running: I did 2 laps of about 25m each and then did 10 star jumps before taking off for another 2 laps. I repeated this about 5 times.

Horse-ing around

Both Mom and I got stuck into playing horse with the boys, while my sister watched (sick as a dog with the flu I might add). 

With a child on each back, we galloped, mimicking the way a horse does. We galloped around the garden for about 5 minutes before taking a break, as the boys now weight over 15kgs. 

Leap Frog

Another fun exercise I like to do, which my son adores, is jumping like a frog.

First, you squat, hands on the floor in front of you, and then jump forward. I do this at home up and down the passage chasing my little  munchkin as he screams with laughter with mom hot on his tail. 

However, with more space in my mom’s garden,  I did the leap frog around the area (which lasted for about 2 minutes, before my unfit self, had to take a break. 

Although these little moves may not do much to give you a dream “bikini body”, it might get you moving whilst spending valuable outdoor fun with your little one. 

‘Till next time! 

*Please note that these tips are of my own opinion and should not be considered medical or professional. 

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