The Journey begins..

Hi there really awesome moms! 

Have you ever felt a need to have a space to express your feelings, share your ideas, tips and things that you love…and that others  may find interesting too – well, that is why I started writing…well typing !

Being a working mom, I am sure  many of you can relate to how demanding life can be, especially with a toddler.

Here’s a bit about me… I am a February baby, love trying to see the positive in life. Love the sun and the sea and my City…good ol’ Durbz and especially my family. 

I became a mom at 25 and my little angel was welcomed into the world (weighing 3.9 kg’s) on November 27th, 2014.

We were impatiently waiting for him to arrive a week earlier, but he did not budge. It was only when I hit 41-42 weeks that I really began to worry and contacted my Gynae who gave me the option of induction, which I took… along with a 14-hour wait until my boy was born. The day after my hubby’s birthday!

Having been so adamant about natural birth, I didn’t consider that I may be in for surgery…which is exactly what happened when I only dilated to 4cm, with a “swollen cervix” and a child that was so squashed in the confined space he called home for 10 months….

C-section it was! And it went really well. My recovery was slightly painful, but as a mom, you endure it and don’t actually realise the strength you possess.  It is surgery after all!

I don’t know about many of you, and I know there are some new moms wondering if they will do things right when they are expecting their first baby…but by chatting to other moms, grannies, aunties, colleagues and friends, I can pretty much say that there is no “perfect” way to parent, as we know all children are different. 

My boy is now 15 months and growing into a handsome and charming little guy with an appetite for life…which I LOVE!

I have so much to say…but that will be for another post.

So here’s to amazing memories and the start on my journey to becoming a mommy blogger…Yippee!

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